Sunday, February 28, 2010


So I went and enjoyed the play Closer on closing night by Patrick Marber. It was performed in the Eleanor Winters Art Gallery with Matt Marshall as Artistic Director, Colin Fallowfield as the General Manager and a cast of four Christina Manco, Alexi Aslanidis, Maya Tekavcic and Wade Noble.

Let me say before I begin that the most theatre I have ever done is the high school Sears festival. After that I have not really stepped into the realm of theatre except for watching it. I have also never seen the film version of this, but rest assured I will be going to get it soon after having seen this.

I felt Alice's (played by Manco) emotion through the play and was scared stiff when Dan was on top of her and looked ready to hit her (Koodos to Rob Renda for the fight scene). Then when Alice egged him on I found it hard to look. Dan (played by Aslanidis) was very smart and almost manipulative throughout the play. Sometimes I wasn't sure if this manipulation was malicious or whether he was just having some fun. It made for a very interesting character, a character that I feel was brought forward at the end in the scene with Larry. Larry (played by Noble) seemed to be on top of everything until he admits to Anna (played by Tekavcic) that he had an affair. All four of them were twisted together throughout bringing feelings of awkwardness, fear, some joy, but much sadness.

Both the lighting and the music played a huge part in the play, sometimes to relieve the tension in the room (sometimes so tight you could cut it with a brick), and sometimes just a nice way to move on. And great idea with the projection that really helped make the scene. The play really brought in discussions and fights that could happen in real life. It seems true that once jealousy hits a relationship that it is almost doomed to end in the same way that it does for these four.

Bravo to Matt Marshall, all the cast, the team (Alyksandra Ackerman, Sarah Beaudin, Travis Lahay, Rob Renda, Katie McCulloch, Borna Radnik) and the crew (Sarah Barton, Colin Fallowfield and Shane Fallowfield) on a great performance.

I will look forward to seeing another play done with Theatre Bassaris.