Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

So I went down to Yorkdale last night to see this movie. Let me just say that I found it to be an amazing movie. Granted I have not read the book, but I was in awe.

I felt that this truly brought me down to my childhood and made something simple seem scary, something small seem amazing and showed that nothing is impossible in your imagination. Throughout the entire story I felt like I was in a dream, where you are happy with things or afraid of things and sometimes you don't understand why. I loved the confusion and the feeling of being so small.

I don't want to write too much on this as I'm sure some of you are going to want to see it. Plus I should get back to study or slash... it is 1:40... I should go to bed.

I'll talk to you all soon!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lucky Number 13?

It seems the Canadian Federation of Students [CFS] has been gambling with students for too long. Thirteen Student Unions across Canada have petitioned to have themselves removed from the CFS. While these students are working like busy bees towards the New Student Movement it seems the CFS has lost the documents.

When will this Student Union start to be more accountable to students? I am asking this question because I care about the students, and what is done with the funding that we seemingly give a blank cheque for. The CFS does not care what you think; they want to push their ideas.

I don’t even consider them students. In fact, it is mandated in the YFS by-laws that you can only take 3 credits per semester or 6 per year. That is 2 half credit courses! How could they be in touch with the student voice?

The CFS is either lying or incompetent. How could they claim to not have documents that when a sworn affidavit from a bailiff states these petitions were delivered.

They have failed time and time again with the Drop Fees campaign. I mean, have you seen a drop in fees? My fees have been going up.

I wish these lucky thirteen good luck on their campaign.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Really good day

So my day was slightly thrown off in the morning when Mr. "I forget my alarm is on" forgot his alarm was on and left without turning it off.

However because of this I got up and had Atkinson Breakfast - which I am sad to say has changed their potatoes which I used to love - but still holds the best breakfast on campus. (Ab gets a close second - if they only started earlier).

After breakfast I worked for 2-3 hours on leadership stuff and planning a SWOT analysis for the volunteers for the Student Leadership Development Program. A great experience to work with like minded student leaders and to help them build while building on the program.

Then as I was coming back I was invited to see Peter Silverman give a small lecture/seminar on media in the war. It gave me a lot to sit back and think about especially considering the emergency management course that I am in right now. I also met up with Ian who came in from Ottawa, which was awesome!!

After this I went to the Absinthe and ate lunch/dinner and met with a friend and discussed our friends back at home (I miss you guys!!).

I then had a brief meeting with FCSU informing them about SLDP and the Canadian Conference on Student Leadership.

I THEN had a meeting with FREESay which we discussed whether God was obsolete considering modern technologies/truths.

Stopped at the Ab for a bit then came back in to watch a bit of Star Wars.

A very busy day in the life of a University student. I personally think it has been one of the best days while I was here at York, just experiencing so many different things. You will notice one thing though. Not once did I mention that I went to class. I had no classes today and I consider this to be one of my best days here.

I think this goes to show how if you get involved at York that you can truly get such a different experience from University than just going to class. By being so diverse in my studies it allows me to think outside of the "box" and introduce new concepts to people who may not have even thought of things in that way.

My point is, seek it out! Don't just stand idly by while your University years go by. Take advantage of what York or your school has to offer.


Alarm Clocks

So I woke up at 9:30 today, instead of 10:30. Not because of strength of character, or super amazing-ness or...It was because of my next door neighbours alarm clock! That said, please be courteous to your next door neighbours and turn off your alarm clock if you're not there.

Aside from that I shall be working today at 11:30 then I have a super awesome WCC meeting where new comers get to see how the meeting goes for the first time. I hope they end up enjoying it as much as I do.

The leafs have a week to shake off their bad games. I hope they can use this week to recover and get back on the ice and actually start winning. Perhaps I am too hopeful. I keep watching these games and I keep becoming disappointed. Only time shall tell.

I'm off to eat breakfast at Blueberry Hill. Until next time,

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Please God Not the Lime Juice!

Last night I got to see Woody Harrellson (in real life!) and watch the pre-screening of his movie Defendor. It was a very interesting movie and I found it to be great on a psychological level. There were obviously some funny points that made people laugh, however there were also points that I felt were a little awkward that people laughed due to that awkwardness. Overall a great movie, and I would probably watch it again given the chance.

On another note, how about that cheque scam with the Conservatives?
I am really tired of seeing petty partisanship get in the way of our elected officials running the country. Whose idea was it to put the Conservative's logo on the cheques? Ironically just about a week before this I sent in an article to be published in the Winters Free Press regarding politics and debating, however I shall wait until that is out to go deeper into this (probably beginning of November). Just another reason for me to vote liberal again.

That is all for now,

Friday, October 16, 2009

Kevin's Perspective

Hello everyone.

Welcome to Kevin's Perspective. I was told by some co-workers and my boss that I should consider starting a blog. So here I am, starting a blog. I honestly do not have much to type about however things will come up and I will be sure to give you my perspective on things. It should be an interesting to blog as I find a lot of things that come my way come with a preface saying "this is completely confidential" or "don't tell anyone about this". And these ironically are the only things that I could think to even start to talk about that might interest people.

So without breaching that trust that I have with those certain peoples, I shall continue. I honestly do not have too much to write about right now, but I am hoping that as things happen I will have a perspective on said things that shall be different from most. One of my underlying beliefs is that there is no evil, only differing and sometimes contradicting subjective goods. That said, I'm a fan of the Liberal Party. I love the Leafs (blue bleeding)- though right now I am kind of annoyed with them.

Anyways, these are two of many things that I'm sure will cloud my judgement. I hope that you all enjoy reading my blogs as things happen. I hope that you also have your own opinions on these blogs so that some conversation can be made.

Until next time,