Thursday, December 31, 2009

CFS taking after the Conservatives?

A little while ago I wrote an article called "This is when democracy dies". This article tells of the Canadian Federation of Students doing anything they can to avoid scrutiny (by blocking media coverage), avoid opposition, and ignore basic rules of what a majority vote is.

I see the same thing happening with the Conservative Government now. The Conservatives proroguing parliament are: avoiding scrutiny by the elected opposition members, they are straight out avoiding the opposition, and avoiding motions passed claiming "National Security".

Both of these Governments MUST become more accountable to their constituencies. If they do not they become more like a dictatorship than a democracy and this is something none of us wants. As Mr Warren Kinsella referring to the conservatives put it this is a "Denial of Democracy".

Friday, December 18, 2009

Harper - Read Your Job Description

Just over a year has past since the 2008 election, and I am convinced that Mr Harper has still not read his job description. Even after the campaign he threw around ad commercials criticizing Mr. Ignatieff for having good international relations.

psst... Mr Harper, international relations is part of the job!

According to the Globe & Mail:
Mr. Harper huddled with officials for briefings away from the centre, did not speak publicly
I have been to a few leadership conferences in my time and even I know that you're supposed to meet people and speak openly at these things.

Mr. Harper, I am begging you, sometime before you leave office, READ YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION!

Conservatives offering nothing but nonsense

This is in response to Tim Power's The Liberal circus

Wow, so many things to rebut in this.

Copenhagen - Canada spends less on renewable energy than the State of Alaska. That means Stephen Harper isn’t just lagging behind Barack Obama – he’s behind Sarah Palin.
You may or may not have noticed, but one of the Liberal's key campaign points was the environment.

Detainees - I agree with Andrew here. Provide Canadians with the documents and then we can discuss something more than "noise"

Economy - Well, it was Mr Harper's bright idea to lower taxes during a time that a financial crisis was happening. He is only in it for the votes. He knows lowering taxes sounds good to Canadians. What Canada needs right now are balanced books - especially at a time of such uncertainty.

I do not feel safe with Harper's Conservatives. They need to wake up and stop hiding things from Canadians. They need to stop playing political games and start facing reality. Unfortunately I do not thing this is possible for Harper which is why I vote Liberal.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Federal Torys Fail - Provincial Grits Step Up

It seems that while Mr. Harper is finding better places to go than Copenhagen, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has stepped up according to the Globe & Mail:
One half of Ontario's vast boreal forest will be permanently protected from mining and other resource development projects as part of a sweeping plan unveiled by Premier Dalton McGuinty to combat climate change.
The government will protect at least 225,000 square kilometres from development, representing one half of the boreal region in the far north and an area 1.5 times greater in size than all the Maritime provinces combined
It is good to see that the matter of climate change matters to the Liberals.

Selling Toronto Hydro? -flashback to 407-

You will see in a previous post that I favour Mr Rossi in the running for Toronto Mayor. However I do not agree with the selling of Toronto Hydro - or at least I would like to see what is sitting in said contract.

I feel that the selling of Toronto Hydro will be a temporary solution for the City of Toronto. According to the National Post, Rossi said:
“We’re going to sell assets, and we’re going to start with Toronto Hydro...I’ve looked in every book of Jane Jacobs. I can’t find a page, a paragraph, a sentence that says in order to build a great city, the city needs to own the utility.”
Now you will have to excuse me, because my grasp of economics can probably be compared to a game of monopoly, but if we sell something like Toronto Hydro does that not mean that in the long run we will lose money? And I'll be damned if it turns into another HWY 407 incident.

It is not that we need a utility, it is that we need a constant stream of revenue. To me this seems like a band-aid solution. This will serve us well for the next 4-5 years, but in the long term it is one less thing that Toronto has.

Just my thoughts,

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Executive Director of Liberals running for Mayor!

It seems that we have a few interesting candidates running for Mayor of Toronto. I found out recently that Mr. Rocco Rossi is running. Mr Rossi said
"I love the city, and I think I bring a unique set of strengths and weaknesses to the job and want to spend a year laying those out to Torontonians."

George Smitherman, who won 47% of the vote in the 2007 Ontario General Election. Mr Smitherman said
"I want to say this on this very auspicious occasion, it's not every day that those that live in the city of Toronto wake up to the morning news to see that the city of Toronto has balanced its books," said Smitherman. "Next is a Stanley Cup for the Toronto Maple Leafs."
Really?.. Are you really going to make the Leafs win?

Current TTC chair Adam Giambrone, who recently made many York residence and commuters happy by allowing them to get the student rate on TTC buses, however in the same boat raise the fares again which may have angered some of the public and put him in a bad place as far as finances go. Mr. Giambrone claimed recently
"I have been openly exploring the possibility and encouraged by early discussions, but I am NOT making any announcements here today."

Finally, in my opinion the last big candidate is John Tory, a Red PC, although he has not entered the race yet he is expected too some time in the new year. He does have the help of the Liberal's Chief War Room expert Warren Kinsella, however as stated by the Star "[Kinsella] will have a hard time attacking his old boss for mayor's job". He also recently posted a blog where he said "Don't abandon me" probably saddened by the fact that he has to go up against Mr Rossi.

Right now we need someone who is business minded. After reviewing the candidates resumes (without having heard too much on the issues) I am personally very excited for Rocco Rossi, previous CEO of the Heart and Stroke Foundation who has done an awesome job as Executive Director of the Liberal Party. Plus, look at his smile, who can say no to that?According to The Globe and Mail, Rossi confirmed in an interview on Friday night he will formally announce his intentions Monday at Toronto City Hall.

Friday, December 4, 2009

CFS AGM information!

Finally someone came out with some accurate information. Take a look at RobynOnCampus' post on youtube!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ryerson Students Union - Deficit... What does this mean for York?

I recently made a post titled Out of Touch. (read that article before moving forward)

As mentioned in that article the YFS President Krisna stated that if one of their sister organizations such as Ryerson Students Union [RSU] ask for a loan that we should give it to them.

Interesting that this is mentioned and soon after it is found that
this year, the RSU is running an $84,000 deficit.
Does this mean that $84,000 of our tuition dollars are going to pay for RSU's inability to manage their own funds?

I hope not, but if so, it was predicted here first!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Holidays Pub Night @ the Ab

I wrote an article earlier this year (around Canadian Thanksgiving time) in the Winters Free Press about the use of Happy Holidays vs more specific holiday greetings. I recently was also talking to one of my friends about this as well. As an atheist, I feel left out as I don't really have a thing to say, however I tend to go with Merry Christmas as that is what my family celebrates at home. I could go with the Merry Festivus, but I choose not too.

This time of year gives me a warm feeling inside. Not because of any religious belief or because of gifts I may receive or give. This has been the time of year where my whole family (over 60 people) gets together. This has always been my favorite holiday for that reason. Although recently this has not been happening as much, it is still nice to think to the days that it did.

That said, I look forward to getting together with all of you at Happy Holidays Pub Night, sharing a drink, perhaps some darts and holiday cheer as our exams come to an end.

From my family and I to yours, Cheers, and Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This is when democracy dies...

I just finished reading an article titled A week in hell and I felt very bad for the students who went through what they went through.

What perks my attention - nay angers me is the motion that had been passed and how it was passed.

Motion 6
It proposed that the minimum percentage of student signatures required to initiate a referendum to leave the CFS be raised from 10 per cent to 20 per cent. Referendums would also be limited to once every five years and only four referendums in total could take place per year.

Here is a little bit of background. This is all from my own meandering experience. Last year when the YFS elections came around we had people here from all different universities in Ontario campaigning for the slate that was CFS friendly. We had people at our school, with no affiliation to York trying to get votes for a government's election that they had no stake in.

So there was a referendum put out that would make it so that this wouldn't happen, we would have many schools have a vote on whether to keep the CFS as their student government at the same time. This allows students at our school to make an informed choice with people on either side of the issue being from York.

So they counter this by enforcing a new policy that only four referendums could take place per year.

This is where democracy ends.

Referendums would also be limited to once every five years

This means that if we had a referendum this year, that someone coming into school next year would NEVER have a chance to say NO!

This is where democracy ends.

Despite receiving only 44 votes—two per cent shy of the 66 per cent required for approval—the motion passed. The chair ruled that the six abstentions did not count as voting members, despite a voting member being defined by the CFS' own bylaws as a delegation present in the room.

For those 6 delegates and the universities they represent, this is called being silenced. Your representatives who you (I assume) democratically voted in are being told that they do not count.

This is where democracy ends.

This is not just a story, this is a call to action. If you are as angered by this as I am, then show it.

E-mail the President of the YFS and tell him how you feel: Krisna Saravanamuttu -
E-mail the Vice-President Students of York and tell him you are tired of the lack of democracy shown in the CFS: Rob Tiffin -

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vari Hall - The Way Must Be Tried.

Recently there have been three photos tossed around as to what Vari Hall might look like in the future. From what I gather some people like different things about the three photos and you guessed it some people want to keep it the way it is.

Here is the first one. And firstly you must remember that these are simply ideas, not what it would actually look like. I love the green wall firstly. I think this would help to make and keep our campus green. I also like the pushed out space on the second and third floor offering more room for studying.

Here we have the second one. I love the potential for advertising on the top, which is currently in my opinion wasted space. This will be great space for clubs and others to put events and try to gain membership. Also the lounge chairs to the left and the right look great, except I would try to have them throughout the center of Vari Hall as well.

Finally, we have the third one. Nothing too special about this one in my opinion. I dislike the center rise as there may be accessibility issues.

Overall, I think this project will make student space more useful. I think this will bring a few things forward. Firstly, it will stop the protests that happen in Vari Hall. The average student at York hates the protests and it makes York look bad. These protests are not demonstrations, they are not being done towards people who can change the world. After the big protest that happened last year in Vari Hall the war didn't stop going because our VP Equity (HA!) took a side.

I agree, students should have the right to protest, but not when it disturbs academic life on campus. And honestly, if you're going to protest, go to parliament to people - who care or not care - but CAN do something. The most you will do here is annoy a bunch of students and get fined.

Let student space be student space. A safe space, a space to study and network with fellow students. A place for commuters to sit and relax rather then become slapped down by the commuter dilemma. We have problems at this school and the protests that happen here just adds to them.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Social Media and Networking

I have recently been diving into different types of social media technology including twitter, google reader, facebook, and most recently google wave. It is a weird feeling to be up to date to the second with, well at least the rest of Canada. I'm connected with RSS feeds and getting articles in the Toronto Star before they even come out onto the paper the next day.

Most recent out of all of these has been Google wave, which I admit I haven't had the full chance to use, but from what I've seen, it looks very promising. Alot of people at York have been asking "how do we advertise to people" because posters really don't work anymore. People just ignore them, no matter how many posters you put up! I think what you have to do now is get one good message and feed it everywhere. Blog about it, then shoot your blog onto facebook, twitter, eventually embed it with Google wave and perhaps even make a video and snap it up onto youtube and have people connected.

Staying up to date with the social media can be hard at times, but it is indeed rewarding as well.

Are there any other social media tools that people use? What are your thoughts on this?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Out of Touch

I attended the York Federation of Students meeting today. A number of interesting things happened in the meeting.

Firstly, the YFS passed a policy called "Contingency Reserve Accounts". The policy is made to outline how contingency reserve funds will be managed. The idea behind this fund is simple,
these accounts would be created and maintain balances equivalent to a minimum of six months of operation. The principal of these accounts was to provide a financial fall back for the organization that may be accessed during times of unforeseen circumstances -- YFS Operations Policy 18 - Contingency Reserve Account

I found two points under "Access" to be of interest.

One, "Capital Acquisition"
The reserve accounts may be accessed as part of a detailed plan for long term financial planning for large capital acquisitions. Capital acquisitions may include the purchase of a new building -- YFS Operations Policy 18 - Contingency Reserve Account

I guess this would be one of the unforseen circumstances that they were talking about. He couldn't possibly be talking about buying out the Student Center could he?! Nooooooooo the Student Center board would NEVER allow that would they?

Two, "Unforeseen Circumstances"
In this it states that these shall include but not be limited too
loan requests from other student organizations

When a member of the board tried to amend the policy to say "York student organizations" the YFS President replied that should our sister organizations such as Ryerson Students Union ask for a loan that we should give it to them.

Is he representing you when he says this? Do you want your tuition dollars going to other student unions to bail them out of debt? I certainly don't. I want to see that money go where it belongs. I mean, did you know that they have spent $9179.00 on CFS General Meetings? What could possibly cost that much? What kind of accommodations do they get on my dime?!

That aside, there were three board appointments. All there which I believe were pre-planned with a person for each spot.

I tried for the Winters Councillor position when Krisna Saravanamuttu ask me a question.

Being a Winters affiliate for the past x amount of years I have noticed that Winters College Council is out of touch with Winters students...

Did you hear that Winters? Apparently WCC is out of touch with you. OH WAIT A MINUTE. Krisna, I think you confused things for yourself. You see it is the York Federation of Students that is out of touch with it's students. Perhaps you didn't notice the petition with what I'm told over 4000 signatures trying to impeach you last year. I've heard about your time at Winters Krisna, and all that I keep hearing is how annoying you were to live beside.

When asked a few simple questions like "Who is the Master of Winters, What is the Winters Hockey Team name, What colour are the frosh boss t-shirts, What GLORIOUS establishment does Winters own," the person who ran against me said:

"No, no, no, no and let me think.... No."

Okay, I could understand not knowing who the Master is. I get that. I even understand not knowing the name of the hockey team sure. I could MAYBE even understand not knowing the colour of the frosh boss t-shirts... BUT NOT KNOWING THE NAME OF THE ABSINTHE PUB AND COFFEE SHOP!?!?!??!

..and WCC is out of touch with Winters Students?!

Mr Saravanamuttu, if you were going to plant someone to be nominated for the position, at least have it be someone who knows even the slightest about the Winters Community. You cannot make the claim that WCC is out of touch with Winters Students, when you do not know what matters to them. Krisna, you are out of touch.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happily using netbook again

So I have set everything up through my net book again. I think that I may be sending my desktop home and keeping my monitor, because I really don't see a reason to keep it here having this net book. I know the net book is supposed to be a companion to a larger system, but I think that it is working just fine on it's own.

I guess I should keep the desktop here for a bit just in case something screws up on the net book again, but I'm kinda keeping my hopes up.

I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Laundry Day!

I'm sitting in the laundry room on my net book that I finally got back from HP -bastards-. Really kind of bored right now watching my clothes turn round and round. Also kind of annoyed because the person who is using the laundry machine beside me has not come to put his laundry in the dryer, and it has been finished for over 20 min. I will probably end up pointing mine into my own before he gets back then I'll have to wait doubly as long. -grrr-

What is with the whole laundry day clothes thing anyways. I remember just the other day a buddy of mine came into the office with a tattered pair of jeans and a regular shirt and I looked at him and said "I think you need new jeans" and of course he said "No, these are my laundry day jeans." Why can't people just have a clean pair of jeans for the day they do their laundry. I suppose it is the life of the student.

Getting tired already and I got to go to watch a dodgeball game at 12am. -gaaaaaaaah- It will probably end up killing me, but that is okay, as long as I'm around tomorrow.

Going to see my brothe rtomorrowat around 2. It is always nice when family comes up to see me. I am kind of excited to head back down to Burlington come mid December. See all my good buddies again.

I recently started to tune into 99.1 fm CBC radio or whatever. I think they are running out of things to talk about. They were mentioning stuff like creating music with random things. Which is pretty cool I admit, but I think that is something they held for a rainy day.

Well the guy finally came and took his laundry... 24 min late... so I'ma go put my laundry in.


Debating Persuasion

It is daring, some might say suicidal, to write an article that considers the subject of debating. However, I consider myself a daring person and although many people consider dare devils suicidal I think that if they are well trained enough, that they are in fact just thrill enthusiasts. So here I go.

I have no doubt that practiced debaters will rip this article to shreds. They will have many reasons to disagree and disregard this article. But, given the nature of this article and given that this article is looking at a single subjective good a debater in doing so will have proved my article to be in fact true.

I truly believe that there is no evil, only differing and sometimes contradicting subjective goods. The problem that I have found is that it is up to debaters to persuade – not inform – the population as to which of these goods are higher and better.Most of the time our sets of subjective truths are based on how convincing the arguments are and not the factual merits of one side or the other. Among many fallacies in reasoning a prime example of this is in politics (ie. Conservative buzz saws attacking liberal party members based on nothing that has to do with the ability to run a Country – or in the case of international experience could actually help them run the Country).

In my opinion the public should be given fact based opinions by a neutral third party, then decide for themselves who to vote for. Logistically however this may be impossible. So my question to you is how do we make decisions and remove the politics and debating?

The bottom line – assuming that we cannot overcome this logistical nightmare – is that if you are going to debate something, you better be damn sure that your subjective good is better than the subjective good of your opponent.

This can also be found on the Winters Free Press website

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

The legend tells that years ago every casino in Las Vegas had a three-piece chicken dinner with a potato and a veggie for $1.79. A standard bet back then was $2, hence when you won a bet you had enough for a chicken dinner. !”
So, the call of glorious victory rang out “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" --Urban Dictionary

So I just sat and watched 21 at the suggestion of a friend of mine who also happens to live in residence. I am the first to admit that I like gambling. There is something about the statistics and the psychology that appeals to me.

What I don't like is to see a repeat. I don't like to see a Canadian (2004) film being repeated by the USA with a bit of Kevin Spacey. If you do not know what I'm referring too by now I shall tell you. If you have time, go watch the movie "The Last Casino" yourself and you will see what I am talking about.

I decided to look this up to see if others agree. Turns out Darren Barefoot agrees.

Acoustic Night & New Leafs Fan -or- Leafs fan in hiding!

So I just want to start off by saying that we definitely have some talent in Winters College. This is not particularly surprising as this is the Fine Arts College, but either way this acoustic night was awesome. Big ups to everyone who played and everyone who came out.

In other news. I have found a big secret of one of my friends. Her name is Becky. And she -despite the facade she puts on about being an oilers fan (pfft, who is an oilers fan anyways)- IS A LEAFS FAN!!! And here is the proof ^

The Canadian Conference on Student Leadership turned out to be pretty good. I did not attend to much of it due to prior commitments, however the session I attended and the one I presented gave great discussions and gives me hope for the future of our great Country. Big ups to the steering committee and everyone who came from across Canada to be apart of this great conference.

So apparently students successfully campaigned to make it so that University/College students can now be apart of the Student Rate for the TTC passes come next Fall.
"Today, students, from across the GTA, successfully convinced members of the Toronto Transit Commission to extend the high school Metropass to public college and university students. This decision will save students who purchase Metropasses hundreds of thousands of dollars!" Hadia Akhtar, VP External, University of Toronto Students' Union

I haven't heard anything from TTC on this yet, but I'm sure something will come up pretty soon. If it was done, the congrats to those of you who did it. I'm not getting my hopes up though.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The 2009 Leonid Meteor Shower

So, I went up to Hunter's Point about 10km from York. I managed to see about 10 of the meteors fly through the sky. Some shorter than others. But it was a pretty amazing site.

Was anyone else able to see these meteors?

Had a great time, thanks Connie and Becky!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

HP support - or lack there of?

I just want to take a moment to say that I will never -ever- buy an HP product again.

Their customer support is ridiculously bad. I sent in my net book to be fixed on Oct 3rd, 2009 and it has had three or four extensions tossed onto it. The expected delivery date is now Nov 20th, 2009.

If you care about customer service, DO NOT BUY AN HP. EVER.

Friday, November 13, 2009

One Week

What would you do, if you had one day, one week, or one month to live?

This was the question asked by Director Michael McGowan through the movie One Week. Although this movie did not seem to get many popular reviews, I found this to be yet another fascinating movie on a number of levels.

Firstly, it was nice to see a Canadian movie, based around Canada. Being able to see the different landmarks and -gasp- the Stanley Cup, the beautiful landscapes and the flourishing wilderness. This alone was enough to sell me on the film.

Then, what I consider to be secondary is the question which Ben Tyler - played by Joshua Jackson - is forced to ask himself. The question like many questions, brings about more questions such as "Am I content?" or "Is there anything else I need to do?".

Since Ben Tyler was keen about giving everything a rating out of 10, I suppose I shall do the same. This movie gets a 8/10 for me. I was going to say 7, but the whole Canadian thing just brings it up a notch.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

So I went down to Yorkdale last night to see this movie. Let me just say that I found it to be an amazing movie. Granted I have not read the book, but I was in awe.

I felt that this truly brought me down to my childhood and made something simple seem scary, something small seem amazing and showed that nothing is impossible in your imagination. Throughout the entire story I felt like I was in a dream, where you are happy with things or afraid of things and sometimes you don't understand why. I loved the confusion and the feeling of being so small.

I don't want to write too much on this as I'm sure some of you are going to want to see it. Plus I should get back to study or slash... it is 1:40... I should go to bed.

I'll talk to you all soon!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lucky Number 13?

It seems the Canadian Federation of Students [CFS] has been gambling with students for too long. Thirteen Student Unions across Canada have petitioned to have themselves removed from the CFS. While these students are working like busy bees towards the New Student Movement it seems the CFS has lost the documents.

When will this Student Union start to be more accountable to students? I am asking this question because I care about the students, and what is done with the funding that we seemingly give a blank cheque for. The CFS does not care what you think; they want to push their ideas.

I don’t even consider them students. In fact, it is mandated in the YFS by-laws that you can only take 3 credits per semester or 6 per year. That is 2 half credit courses! How could they be in touch with the student voice?

The CFS is either lying or incompetent. How could they claim to not have documents that when a sworn affidavit from a bailiff states these petitions were delivered.

They have failed time and time again with the Drop Fees campaign. I mean, have you seen a drop in fees? My fees have been going up.

I wish these lucky thirteen good luck on their campaign.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Really good day

So my day was slightly thrown off in the morning when Mr. "I forget my alarm is on" forgot his alarm was on and left without turning it off.

However because of this I got up and had Atkinson Breakfast - which I am sad to say has changed their potatoes which I used to love - but still holds the best breakfast on campus. (Ab gets a close second - if they only started earlier).

After breakfast I worked for 2-3 hours on leadership stuff and planning a SWOT analysis for the volunteers for the Student Leadership Development Program. A great experience to work with like minded student leaders and to help them build while building on the program.

Then as I was coming back I was invited to see Peter Silverman give a small lecture/seminar on media in the war. It gave me a lot to sit back and think about especially considering the emergency management course that I am in right now. I also met up with Ian who came in from Ottawa, which was awesome!!

After this I went to the Absinthe and ate lunch/dinner and met with a friend and discussed our friends back at home (I miss you guys!!).

I then had a brief meeting with FCSU informing them about SLDP and the Canadian Conference on Student Leadership.

I THEN had a meeting with FREESay which we discussed whether God was obsolete considering modern technologies/truths.

Stopped at the Ab for a bit then came back in to watch a bit of Star Wars.

A very busy day in the life of a University student. I personally think it has been one of the best days while I was here at York, just experiencing so many different things. You will notice one thing though. Not once did I mention that I went to class. I had no classes today and I consider this to be one of my best days here.

I think this goes to show how if you get involved at York that you can truly get such a different experience from University than just going to class. By being so diverse in my studies it allows me to think outside of the "box" and introduce new concepts to people who may not have even thought of things in that way.

My point is, seek it out! Don't just stand idly by while your University years go by. Take advantage of what York or your school has to offer.


Alarm Clocks

So I woke up at 9:30 today, instead of 10:30. Not because of strength of character, or super amazing-ness or...It was because of my next door neighbours alarm clock! That said, please be courteous to your next door neighbours and turn off your alarm clock if you're not there.

Aside from that I shall be working today at 11:30 then I have a super awesome WCC meeting where new comers get to see how the meeting goes for the first time. I hope they end up enjoying it as much as I do.

The leafs have a week to shake off their bad games. I hope they can use this week to recover and get back on the ice and actually start winning. Perhaps I am too hopeful. I keep watching these games and I keep becoming disappointed. Only time shall tell.

I'm off to eat breakfast at Blueberry Hill. Until next time,

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Please God Not the Lime Juice!

Last night I got to see Woody Harrellson (in real life!) and watch the pre-screening of his movie Defendor. It was a very interesting movie and I found it to be great on a psychological level. There were obviously some funny points that made people laugh, however there were also points that I felt were a little awkward that people laughed due to that awkwardness. Overall a great movie, and I would probably watch it again given the chance.

On another note, how about that cheque scam with the Conservatives?
I am really tired of seeing petty partisanship get in the way of our elected officials running the country. Whose idea was it to put the Conservative's logo on the cheques? Ironically just about a week before this I sent in an article to be published in the Winters Free Press regarding politics and debating, however I shall wait until that is out to go deeper into this (probably beginning of November). Just another reason for me to vote liberal again.

That is all for now,

Friday, October 16, 2009

Kevin's Perspective

Hello everyone.

Welcome to Kevin's Perspective. I was told by some co-workers and my boss that I should consider starting a blog. So here I am, starting a blog. I honestly do not have much to type about however things will come up and I will be sure to give you my perspective on things. It should be an interesting to blog as I find a lot of things that come my way come with a preface saying "this is completely confidential" or "don't tell anyone about this". And these ironically are the only things that I could think to even start to talk about that might interest people.

So without breaching that trust that I have with those certain peoples, I shall continue. I honestly do not have too much to write about right now, but I am hoping that as things happen I will have a perspective on said things that shall be different from most. One of my underlying beliefs is that there is no evil, only differing and sometimes contradicting subjective goods. That said, I'm a fan of the Liberal Party. I love the Leafs (blue bleeding)- though right now I am kind of annoyed with them.

Anyways, these are two of many things that I'm sure will cloud my judgement. I hope that you all enjoy reading my blogs as things happen. I hope that you also have your own opinions on these blogs so that some conversation can be made.

Until next time,